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News: Gender and Sexuality

Venezuela Celebrates International Day to End Violence Against Women, Inaugurates Shelters

The official ceremony on Tuesday. (VTV)

Yesterday Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro signed a law recognizing femicide as a form of hate crime, and inaugurated two women’s shelters at a widely attended event in the nation’s capital.

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UN Women’s Conference in Geneva Highlights Venezuela’s Efforts Toward Gender Equality

A Venezuelan public media journalist breastfeeds as she works. Motherhood is celebrated in Venezuela with the third longest paid

On Tuesday, at the 59th United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in Geneva, Switzerland, chairperson Nicole Ameline praised Venezuela’s efforts and success in increasing gender equality.

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Revolutionary Students Demonstrate Against Venezuela’s Strict Anti-Abortion Laws

On the sidewalks surrounding the urban student housing, women and several male supporters hung colorful underwear-shaped banners

On Sunday, around 200 Venezuelans from various socialist collectives gathered in the student residences of Plaza Venezuela, in Caracas, to protest the country’s strict anti-abortion laws.

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New Law to Combat Discrimination Against Venezuelans with HIV/AIDS


On August 14th, the Venezuelan parliament passed a law to protect the equal rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, and their families.

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Childcare Workers Begin Vigil Outside National Assembly in Venezuelan Capital

madres integrales

With at least one representative from each of Venezuela’s 23 states, some 100 childcare workers gathered yesterday outside the National Assembly. “We’re revolutionaries, not slaves. We cannot live on 2975 bolivares a month—barely 70% of the nation’s minimum wage. And we get no benefits or pensions.”

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Venezuelan LGBT Movement Submits Proposal for Same Sex Marriage

Venezuela’s LGBT movement today gathered outside Venezuela’s National Assembly to hand over a legal proposal for debate that

Venezuela’s LGBT movement today gathered outside the National Assembly to hand over a legal proposal for debate that would legalise same sex civil marriage in the South American country.

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Venezuelans Call for Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage UPDATED

March for sexual diversity in Merida in 2013 (Tamara Pearson/Venezuelanalysis)

Venezuelan LGBTI advocates have called on the country's National Assembly (AN) to vote in favour of a bill that would allow same-sex marriage.

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Venezuela's Maduro Seeks Enabling Law to Combat Corruption, Assures PSUV "Will Never Be Homophobic"

Speaking in the Petare neighbourhood of Caracas yesterday, Maduro said the PSUV “will never be homophobic”, after one of his

After making over a hundred arrests related to corruption in a month, Venezuelan authorities are now investigating the offices of the opposition leader Henrique Capriles as the government continues its nationwide anti-corruption campaign.

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II Meeting of Feminists and Women’s Organisations Concludes in Anozategui, Venezuela

One of the working groups at the meeting (Prensa MinMujer)

More than 200 women participated in the 2 meeting of Feminists and Women’s organisations held from Thursday 8 August to 11 August. Working groups were organised in order to discuss topics that contribute to feminist socialism.

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Gender and Sexuality Groups Rally for Greater Gender Equality in Venezuela

Monday’s rally in Caracas (AVN)

Members of the Feminist Spider network gathered in front of the Attorney General’s Office, near Carabobo Park in Caracas, to carry out a series of activities for the International Day against Violence against Women  on Monday.

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Campaign to Legalise Abortion in Venezuela Gains Publicity

Tatiana Rojas, of the Skirts in Revolution group (VTV)

The campaign to legalise abortion in Venezuela gained greater publicity this week, with advocacy groups showing optimism after a law to legalise abortion was passed in Uruguay last month.

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Women's Rights Groups Present Proposals to Chavez for Government Plan

Women's groups presented proposals to Chavez on Wednesday (

Women's rights groups presented a series of proposals to Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday evening in a televised event at the Teresa Carreño theatre in Caracas.

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228 Venezuelan Movements Form Sexual Diversity Council

The sexual diversity assembly held yesterday in Caracas (agencies)

Movements for LGBTI rights in the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) met yesterday to form a sexual diversity council. Other movements and grassroots organisations in the revolutionary pole have also formed women’s, youth, and environmental councils, among others, in the lead up to the first national GPP assembly.

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Venezuelans Celebrate International Women’s Day, Launch Proposals for Gender Equality

Thousands marched in Caracas yesterday to celebrate International Women’s Day (Rachael Boothroyd /

Venezuelans celebrated the 101st International Women’s Day yesterday with events around the country and a large march in the capital Caracas.

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Banmujer: Benefitting Over 300,000 Venezuelan Families Since 2001

Last week, Banmujer celebrated its 10th anniversary (YVKE)

One of Venezuela’s most important public institutions created to assist impoverished women through micro- credit lending celebrated its 10-year anniversary last week.

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