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Venezuela's Maduro Calls For A “Powerful and Unified Environmental Movement”; Slams Opposition for “Eco-cide”

Maduro has called for more Venezuelans to participate in environmental initiatives. (Prensa Ambiente)

The Venezuelan government has accused opposition protesters of destroying thousands of trees, and pledged to increase funding for conservation groups and other environmental initiatives.

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Venezuelan University Developing Experimental Bamboo for Green Homes

Venezuelan grown bamboo is being experimented on to improve its strength and durability at the USB (Prensa Fonacit)

Venezuelan researchers are studying ways to use bamboo to provide cheap, environmentally friendly housing.

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Venezuela’s Catatumbo Lightning Enters Guinness Book of World Records

The Catatumbo lightening (Prensa Mintur)

Venezuela’s Catatumbo lightening phenomenon yesterday entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of average lightning bolts per square kilometre per year, at 250.

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Venezuela and Brazil Agree to Collaborate in Preserving Mount Roraima

Roraima (archive)

Over the weekend Brazilian and Venezuelan authorities met in Canaima National Park and agreed to collaborate in tourism and the preservation of the area.

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Venezuela Receives 320 Technicians from the FAO; Maduro Sets Sights on 80,000 Urban Agriculture Projects

Urban agriculture in Merida (Tamara Pearson/Venezuelanalysis)

 Three hundred and twenty Venezuelan technicians trained with support from the United Nations World Food and Agriculture Organisation are being put to work to improve domestic agricultural productivity, President Nicolas Maduro announced yesterday.

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CITGO-Venezuela to Donate 600,000 Energy Saving Bulbs to Low-Income U.S. Families

The CITGO-Venezuela Energy Efficient Lighting Program (EELP) will provide 625,000 compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to famil

The CITGO-Venezuela Energy Efficient Lighting Program (EELP) will provide 625,000 compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to families in 21 US cities this year.

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Venezuelan Government Moves Forward with Seeds Law, Movements Demand Anti-GMO Measures

A banner at last week's Caracas anti-Monsanto protest (Aporrea tvi)

The Venezuelan government will continue its efforts to increase national food production and combat the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) through a new Law on Seeds, president of the Agri-Food Development Subcommittee for the National Assembly Alfredo Ureña announced on Friday. 

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Venezuela to Advise West African Sahrawi Republic on Water Management


Venezuela will provide advice to the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in the management of water resources in the context of integration policies, solidarity and complementarity, official sources said today.

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Venezuelans Take Part in Energy Saving Day, Promote Greater Responsibility

An ad promoting energy saving in Venezuela: “Energy saving is everyone’s responsibility” (

With a festive agenda of recreational activities that included sports, dance, music and games, Venezuelans celebrated International Energy Saving Day in the capital’s Francisco de Miranda park last Sunday 21 October.

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Venezuelan Government Advances in Construction of National Rail Network

A section of the newly constructed railway (Ciudad CCS)

The Venezuelan government is advancing in the construction of five long distance railway lines, which are part of its National Railway Development Plan 2006-2030. The plan hopes to see 13,665 kilometres of train line linking the country’s various regions and main cities by 2030.

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Venezuelan Government and Communities See Urban Agriculture Increasing

Urban agriculture in Caracas (Patriagrande)

Venezuela’s urban agriculture program has seen urban communal and family based food gardens developing rapidly over the last two years, to a current total of 19,000. 

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Venezuela’s Tree Mission Plants 45 Million Trees in 6 Years

Environment minister Alejandro Hitcher inspecting some of the gathered seeds in Francisco de Miranda National Park (AVN).

Venezuelans participated in a national day of seed gathering to mark World Earth Day yesterday, while government figures and environmentalists highlighted the advances of the Venezuelan government’s Mision Arbol (Tree Mission) reforestation program.

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Venezuelan Government Promotes “Car-Free” Caracas for Urban Cyclists

The Venezuelan government is hoping to increase the amount of “car-free” areas in the capital Caracas to 17.5km (Venezuelade

Venezuelan citizens took to the streets of Caracas yesterday as part of the government’s “Caracas Free Wheeling” campaign, a plan aimed at reducing the unnecessary use of cars and promoting a healthier lifestyle for residents of the nation’s capital.

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Venezuelan Opposition’s Accusations of Water Contamination a “Scare Tactic”

The Carobobo water plant, Hydrocentro (notitarde)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has urged the Supreme Court and the public prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, to investigate the private media and opposition spokespeople for “spreading information about supposed contamination of some of the country’s water supplies” and called it “war propaganda”.

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Venezuelan Government: Oil Spill under Control

The government reports that it has managed to contain over 90% of the leaked oil (ElUniversal)

Venezuelan Environmental Minister Alejandro Hitcher has confirmed that the government has managed to contain over 90% of the leaked crude oil which escaped into the Guarapiche River when a pipeline ruptured on the 4th of February.

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