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News: Bolivarian Project

Military and Civilians March in Caracas to Commemorate 12 Years Since Failed Coup

Maduro April 13th

Santa Elena de Uairén, April 14th 2014 ( On Sunday thousands marched in remembrance of the popular uprising in the streets of Caracas that reinstated late president Hugo Chavez on April 13, 2002 after he was forcefully removed from office on April 11th that year.

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First Local Planning Council for 2014-2016 Period Sworn in

Carora meeting

Yesterday 104 people, including fifty commune representatives, were sworn into the Local Council of Public Planning (CLPP) of Carora, Lara state. The Carora CLPP is the first to swear in for the current period, with others soon to follow.

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Venezuela Commemorates One Year Anniversary of Chavez's Death

The civil – military procession on Heroes Avenue in Caracas today (Prensa Presidencial / AVN)

Venezuela has commemorated the one year anniversary of the death of former president Hugo Chavez with rallies across the country.

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Various Countries Participate in ‘Chavez Was Here’ Campaign

One month before the first anniversary of Hugo Chavez’s death, countries such as Bolivia, Cuba, Argentina, and Russia are participating in a global campaign to pay homage to him and his political achievements.

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Chavismo Marks 15 Years in Power, Venezuelan Government’s Coalition to Restructure

President Nicolas Maduro has announced the restructuring of the pro-government Great Patriotic Pole coalition, arguing the bloc

President Nicolas Maduro has announced the restructuring of the pro-government Great Patriotic Pole coalition, arguing the bloc should achieve “grassroots revolutionary hegemony” in Venezuelan politics. 

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“A Solid Foundation for Socialism of the 21st Century”: Venezuela's Maduro Restructures Several Government Ministries and Institutions

Maduro called for a restructuring of a number of government ministries and institutions during the annual memoria y cuenta on We

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has ordered a restructuring of public institutions related to the economy and consumer protection during a four hour speech to the nation.

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Results of Venezuelan Municipal Elections Announced (Updated)


The National Electoral Council (CNE) has announced the first results of the Venezuelan municipal elections held today.

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Spanish Journalist Presents Book on How Chavez Became Chavez

Ignacio Ramonet presenting his book “Hugo Chavez: Mi Primera Vida” (agencies)

On Monday this week Spanish journalist and anti-globalization intellectual Ignacio Ramonet presented his book on the life of Hugo Chavez to Venezuelan media.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Creates Social Happiness Ministry, Is Criticised by International Media

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (EFE)

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has created a new government agency to coordinate social programs and further reduce poverty. 

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Venezuelan University Strikes End, Not Everyone Returns to Class

The university protests were aimed at the national government (Tamara Pearson /

Despite teachers at the University of the Andes (ULA) and Central University of Venezuela (UCV) voting to end strikes, students at the ULA have reported that not all classes have resumed.

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Venezuela Remembers Allende on 40th Anniversary of 1973 Coup

Venezuelans rallying in Caracas earlier today (AVN)

Venezuelans rallied to condemn fascism today, on the 40th anniversary of the coup d’état that ousted former Chilean president Salvador Allende.

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“The Commune Has to Be the New Economic Power,” Says Venezuela’s Maduro

The presidential commission for communes being established yesterday (VTV)

The Venezuelan government established a presidential commission for communes yesterday, and President Nicolas Maduro has announced further measures to strengthen the political role of communal councils and communes in Venezuela.

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“Popular Power” Key To Second Phase of Venezuela’s Street Government, Maduro Says

Since being launched at the end of April, Maduro’s Street Government has approved 2,450 projects, which arose from over 2,000

The consolidation of a system of “popular government” will be the primary goal of the second stage of Venezuela’s Street Government initiative, President Nicolas Maduro announced yesterday during a ceremony at Caracas’ Mountain Barracks, where the coffin of Hugo Chavez is being held, to honor the birthday of the late president.

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Maduro’s First 100 Days in Office Marked by Street Government, Latin American Integration, Economic Debate

Nicolas Maduro (AFP/ Francisco Batista)

Nicolas Maduro has completed his first 100 days since being sworn in as president on April 18, a period marked by his new street government initiative, Latin American solidarity, and debate over spiked inflation and moderate economic growth.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Exhorts “Unity” at Mass Socialist Party Assembly

In an address to over 10,000 activists of the government’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro stressed that “unity” was necessary for the Bolivarian process to keep moving forward.

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