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Venezuela Brings Forward Regional Elections as Pence Vows More Intervention

US Vice President Mike Pence speaking in Colombia. (AP)

Washington threatened further actions against Venezuela Tuesday as the country’s National Constituent Assembly brought forward gubernatorial elections to October. 

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Trump Considers Military Option in Venezuela

Donald Trump speaks to reporters meeting at Trump’s golf estate

On Friday, August 11, a day after Maduro has reiterated his invitation to a "mutually respectful" dialogue.  Trump spoke about possible US responses to the situation in Venezuela   at improvised press conference after talks with US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, indicating possible military actions.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Calls for 25 Year Prison Terms for Political Killings, Violent Protesters

More than 100 people have died in Venezuela's latest unrest. (Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters)
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called Thursday for tougher penalties on political violence, including 25 year prison terms for offenders.

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Venezuelan Opposition Faces Internal Split

Vente Venezuela head Maria Machado has condemned the opposition for agreeing to run candidates in the December 10 regional elect

Venezuela’s opposition’s internal strife spilled over Thursday, when a prominent far right party announced plans to split over an election boycott.

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Venezuelan Court Sentences Mayor Over Street Barricades

El Hatillo's right-wing opposition mayor David Smolansky has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for failing to abide

Venezuela’s highest court ordered Wednesday the arrest of an opposition mayor accused of failing to stem political violence in his municipality.

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Venezuela’s ANC Calls for Economic Diversification

ANC head Delcy Rodriguez addresses a joint meeting with a the National Council of the Productive Economy. (@DrodriguezVen)

Venezuela’s national constituent assembly called Wednesday for an end to the country’s dependence on oil, and a diversification of the economy.

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ANC Takes Actions for 'Truth, Justice and Peace'

The ANC held its third session on Wednesday. (Gregorio Teran/AVN)

The National Constituent Assembly says it has taken steps towards tackling impunity and improving human rights, after holding a series of key meetings in recent days.

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ALBA Expresses Support for Venezuela as Neighbours Declare ‘Dictatorship’

Members of ALBA countries reiterate their support for the Venezuelan government. (Cancilleria Venezuela)

Venezuela’s internal crisis continued to divide Latin America Tuesday, with rival regional groups issuing statements both in support and against President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

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Venezuela's CNE Opens Registration for Regional Elections as it Plans to Press Charges Against "Smartmatic"

Venezuelan National Electoral Council headquarters in Caracas (archive).

The Venezuelan electoral branch opened its candidate registration for this year's regional elections. Twenty-two parties are eligible to register candidates, while the MUD has been excluded from in 7 states.  

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Corbyn Calls for Dialogue Not Violence in Venezuela

The UK's leader of the Labour party has refused to condemn the Maduro government. (Reuters)

The leader of the opposition Labour Party in Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, has said he is saddened by the violence and loss of life in Venezuela and calls for dialogue.

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Military Base Attacked in Venezuela, Two Dead

Captain Caguaripano circulated video with civilians in military uniforms

The 41st Armored Brigade of Fort Paramacay in Carabobo State was attacked by civilians and ex-military officials in the early hours of Sunday morning as part of an unsuccessful attempt to provoke a military rebellion, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has confirmed. 

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Venezuela’s ANC Names New Attorney General & National Ombudsman

Human rights activist Tarek William Saab is Venezuela’s new Attorney General. (RNV)

Human rights activist and former national Ombudsman Tarek William Saab became Venezuela’s new Attorney General Saturday, after former chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega was controversially dismissed by the country’s newly elected National Constituent Assembly. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Returned to House Arrest

Lilian Tintori and Leopoldo Lopez speaking from their home on July 17. (Reuters)

The wife of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez says he has been returned to house arrest, while Antonio Ledezma once again arrived home on Friday.

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Venezuela’s Currency Nosedives, Maduro Cracks Down on Telecommunications Price Hike

(Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino)
Venezuela’s troubled currency has lost twice its own value over the past two months, according to the latest black market data.

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Venezuelan Opposition Divided on Regional Election Boycott

Venezuela's opposition remains divided over whether to participate in long awaited regional elections. (Archive)

Venezuela’s right-wing opposition failed Thursday to reach a consensus on whether to participate in upcoming regional elections.

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