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Chavistas and Opposition March for May Day amid Fresh Clashes

Monday's marches saw fresh clashes between opposition protesters and authorities. (Pedro Mattey/AVN)

Hundreds of thousands marched in defense of the government as opposition protests saw renewed focos of violence.

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Autopsy Confirms Venezuelan Opposition Student Was Not Killed by Tear Gas Grenade

Metropolitan University student Juan Pernalete (20) was killed by the impact of a close range weapon during an opposition protes

Preliminary autopsy results indicate Pernalete was killed by a captive bolt pistol fired at point-blank range, and not by a tear gas grenade as opposition leaders and private media initially claimed. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Comes Under Fire from Mujica and Pope

Former Uruguayan President Jose "Pepe" Mujica. (Reuters)

Former Uruguayan President Jose “Pepe” Mujica accused the opposition of acting in a radical and irrational way, while the Pope suggested that opposition internal divisions had led to the breakdown of national dialogue. 


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Venezuela's National Minimum Wage Increases by 60% on May Day

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. (Reuters)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced an increase to the minimum wage Sunday, which he said would help to shield workers' from the effects of the economic crisis in the country.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court Eases CNE Party Registration Requirements

Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice. (Archive)

Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) issued a ruling Friday loosening the requirements for political party renewal set down by the National Electoral Council (CNE) earlier this year.

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Venezuelan Women March for Revolution, Against Opposition Violence

Venezuelan women chant "Long live Chavez, the fight continues." (Reagan Des Vignes/teleSUR)
Hundreds of women rallied in Caracas Thursday, demanding an end to violent opposition protests.

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Venezuelan Far Right Hackers Release Public Workers’ Details, Urges Followers to “Seek Them Out”

(screen shot of YoSoyJustin's twitter account)

A group of far right hackers leaked the personal details of thousands of public workers Wednesday evening, just days after two local government workers were assassinated by sniper fire in Merida.

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Venezuelan Govt Hands $10.5m to Small Businesses Attacked by Opposition

Dozens of stores have been looted amid riots and anti-government protests. (Reuters)

The Venezuelan government announced plans Thursday to provide financial relief to more than 50 small stores and other businesses hit by vandalism and looting.

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Venezuela Prepares to Leave OAS

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez accused the OAS of trying to undermine Venezuelan democracy. (AVN)

Venezuela will begin Thursday preparations for leaving the Organisation of American States (OAS), after months of tension with the regional bloc’s head Luis Almagro.

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National Assembly Threatens Ombudsman, 1 Fatality in Demonstration

Protests turned violent again this Wednesday. (AVN)

One Venezuelan died during an anti-government demonstration this Wednesday, after opposition leaders called on their supporters to march on the national ombudsman’s office in downtown Caracas.

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Opposition Leader Lobbied Banks to Boycott Venezuelan Government, AP Reveals

Opposition leader Julio Borges (third from left) sent more than a dozen letters to international banks asking them to withhold f

The Associated Press has revealed that the current acting president of the National Assembly, Julio Borges, has sent more than a dozen letters to international banks urging them to boycott the national government.

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Opposition “National Sit-in” Unleashes Fresh Wave of Violence, 4 Dead

Venezuelan Transport Ministry vehicles set on fire by opposition demonstrators. (AFP)

Four were killed, including two pro-government demonstrators, in the latest round of opposition protests aimed at "creat[ing] ungovernability". 

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Chavista Trade Unionist Kidnapped and Murdered in Venezuela

avista union leader Esmin Ramirez. (Twitter / @EsminRamirez)

The killing marks the second assassination of a grassroots socialist leader in two days. 

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Local Venezuelan Socialist Party Leader Assassinated in Miranda State

Grassroots leader Jacqueline Josefina Ortega, 48, was killed on Saturday April 22. (Aporrea)

Venezuelan Authorities are investigating the assassination of a local United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) leader in Miranda state.


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Venezuelan Opposition Marches in Caracas as Woman Dies of Head Injury Inflicted by Frozen Bottle

Almelina Carrillo died Sunday of a cranial injury caused by a frozen bottle thrown at the nearby pro-government march from a hig

At least twenty-five people have died in over three weeks of opposition-led violence. 

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