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Venezuela Ready to Host Non-Aligned Movement Summit

 Venezuela is currently hosting the 17th Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Nueva Sparta state, Margarita Island (Official).
The global body has been instrumental in the fight against colonialism, imperialism, racism and oppression.

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Venezuela Begins Controversial Mega Mining Project

The Orinoco Mining Arc project has been hailed by the Venezuelan government as a major source of foreign investment, though crit
The Venezuelan government began Wednesday the first phase of a controversial mining project that activists say could devastate vast swathes of the country’s wilderness.

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Venezuelan Central Bank Backs Down from DolarToday Legal Fight: Reports


Venezuela’s central bank has quietly dropped its long running court battle with an exchange rate publisher, according to reports Friday.

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Venezuelan Opposition Leader Greeted By Enraged Mob at Airport

Henrique Capriles was trapped in a Venezuelan airport for four hours Wednesday night. (Screengrab of Youtube footage uploaded by

Venezuela’s Henrique Capriles has been confronted by angry protesters on Margarita Island, less than a week after he praised locals for giving President Nicolas Maduro a similar welcome.

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Chavista and Opposition Mobilizations Continue Across Venezuela, CNE Closed over Concerns

Opposition (left) and Chavista (right) marches documented side by side in Nueva Esparta state on Wednesday (Globovision).

Mobilizations took place Wednesday in defense of the Bolivarian Process as well as in favor of the opposition’s demand for a recall referendum this year.

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Venezuela to Restructure National Police Force, Maduro Announces New Mission for Authorities

National Bolivarian Police officers (MinCi).

President Nicolás Maduro announced plans to restructure the National Bolivarian Police Force and a new social mission focused on authorities and their families.

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Venezuelan Authorities Make Arrests Linked to Destabilization Plots

Person in Venezuelan Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) uniform. (Es/Nacionales)

Venezuelan authorities made major arrests of individuals with paramilitary ties, who were also linked to planned opposition violence associated with last week's September 1st mobilizations.

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Venezuelan Government, Opposition Divided Over March Turnout, Violence

The opposition says as many as 2 million of its supporters rallied in Caracas Thursday, though the government has put turnout at

The Venezuelan government and opposition have issued starkly different accounts of Thursday’s massive rallies in Caracas, amid allegations of violence.

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Bolivarian Government Issues Arrest Warrant for Opposition Leader

Lestor Toledo, opposition leader with the Popular Will (VP) party in Zulia state (RunRun).

The Venezuelan government issued an arrest warrant this week against Lester Toledo for allegedly “financing terrorism” ahead of September 1st opposition marches.

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Chavista and Opposition Marches Converge Peacefully in Caracas

Social movements, community councils and other organized sectors of Venezuelan society accompanied President Maduro on Av. Boliv

State operated media as well as conservative news outlets reported fairly peaceful marches across the South American nation. The government is looking into several cases of violent outbursts purportedly catalized by the opposition.   


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Venezuela Withdraws Ambassador After Legislative Coup in Brazil

The Venezuelan and Brazilian flags are featured in this image (Nodal).

The Venezuelan government decided to withdraw its ambassador after the Brazilian Senate impeached Dilma Rousseff in a trial many social movement activists and political leaders have referred to as a coup d’état.

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OAS Secretary General Targets Venezuela (Again) Ahead of Opposition Demos

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro (Reuters).

Secretary General Luis Almagro released another statement accusing the Venezuelan government of criminalizing the opposition march set for September 1st.

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Paramilitaries and Polar Workers with Fake Weapons Arrested Ahead of Opposition March

Minister Néstor Reverol Torres speaks before the media after the arrest of 90 paramilitaries this week in Caracas (MPPRIJP/Osca

The Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Justice and Peace confirmed the arrest of 90 people linked to paramilitary groups in Venezuela, as concerns grow before September 1st opposition demonstrations.

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Next Stage of Venezuelan Recall Referendum to Begin 24 October

Socorro Hernandez (archive)

The next stage in the Venezuelan rightwing's bid for a recall referendum against President Nicolas Maduro will be held from 24 to 30 October this year, a National Electoral Council (CNE) director announced.

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Opposition Activist Arrested with Explosives Equipment

Opposition activist Yon Goicoechea was arrested on Monday (VTV).

The Venezuelan government has confirmed that security forces have arrested US prize winning activist Yon Goicoechea with explosives equipment ahead of opposition marches scheduled for September 1st.

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