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Trump Hits Venezuela with New Sanctions as CIA Chief Plugs Intervention

(Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Washington has imposed new sanctions against 13 high-level Venezuelan officials in the run-up to  National Constituent Assembly elections on July 30.


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FMLN and Via Campesina Back Constituent Assembly in Venezuela

FMLN International Relations Secretary Nidia Diaz expresses her party's solidarity with Venezuela. (Prensa Latina)

Two prominent grassroots organizations have voiced support for National Constituent Assembly elections in Venezuela amid mounting international pressure for Caracas to withdraw the initiative.

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Venezuela Signs Controversial $1.16bn Mining Deal

President Nicolas Maduro announced the agreements on Friday. (Prensa Presidencial)

The Venezuela government reached three agreements valued at US $1.16 billion with several national and transnational firms Friday. The deals will expand mining activities in the South American country.

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People’s Summit Backs Venezuela, Slams Mercosur

Mercosur leaders are meeting this week in Argentina for the bloc's latest summit. (Telam)

Social movements from across South America condemned Thursday Merocsur’s suspension of Venezuela, amid speculation the regional bloc could take further action against Caracas.

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Venezuela Divided Over Opposition’s General Strike

Venezuela's opposition says millions of workers have joined their 24 hour general strike, though life continued as usual Th
Both sides of Venezuela’s political divide claimed victory Thursday, after an opposition strike threatened to paralyse the country.

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Support for Venezuela at Sandinista Celebrations in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Vice President Rosario Murillo and her husband President Daniel Ortega host the 38th Sandinista Revolution celebratio

Regional leaders back Caracas and criticize threatened U.S. sanctions.

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Venezuelan Military Hits Back at US Sanctions Threat

Mural of Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez. (Prensa Libre)

The military has also denounced opposition street actions that set people on fire, attack medical and educational centers and attempt to destroy cities.

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75% of Venezuelans Support Socialism: Poll

"Another world is possible, if it's socialist." (Archive)

The majority of Venezuelans believe in a socialist economy, but want the government to be more efficient and promote private investment, a top pollster said Wednesday.

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Venezuela Shocked by Graphic Footage of Alleged Mortar Killing

A photo that allegedly shows Hector Anuel burning after being hit by a mortar. The authenticity of the photo cannot be verified.

Venezuelan authorities said Tuesday they were investigating the death of a man allegedly killed by opposition protesters.

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Venezuelans Vote in Rival Symbolic Polls

Venezuelans vote in a mock ANC election in Caracas. (Prensa del Ministerio de Educación)

Venezuela’s government and opposition both claimed millions voted in rival symbolic elections Sunday, with at least one death being reported.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Announces New "Humane Birth" Plan

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the new pregnancy program during an event at the presidential palace in Caracas. (

The National Humane Birth Plan will provide free midwife services and other assistance to women during pregnancy.

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Venezuelan Opposition Allegedly Caught with C4, Helicopter Hijacker Appears in Caracas

Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) party organiser Carlos Graffe was detained by security forces in the city of Valencia, Carabobo
A prominent member of one of Venezuela’s most controversial right-wing parties was arrested Thursday, after allegedly being found with explosives.

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71% of Venezuelans Say Opposition Has No Economic Plan: Poll

Venezuela's economy is facing its worst downturn in decades. (Reuters)

The majority of Venezuelans believe a future right-wing government won’t be able to solve the country’s economic crisis, according to a new poll released Thursday.

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Venezuela Sees New Charges in Odebrecht Case

According to the US plea bargain, Odebrecht and its business representatives had handed over roughly US$98 million in bribes to

Venezuelan authorities announced Wednesday charges against two individuals reportedly linked to a government official accused of involvement in the continent-spanning Odebrecht scandal.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Integrates Truth Commission into ANC

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has stated the truth commission's mandate will be extended under the national constitue

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a decree Wednesday to incorporate a truth commission into the country's National Constituent Assembly. 

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