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CEPAL: There Is “Definitely No Humanitarian” Crisis in Venezuela

 (AFP 2016/ Vladimir Rodas)

The organisation’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, confirmed there was “definitely no” humanitarian crisis in the country. 


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Massive Venezuelan Opposition Protests Spark Fresh Anti-Government Violence

Thousands of opposition supporters march on the outskirts of Caracas. (Cordon Press)

One police officer was killed in a wave of attacks on government facilities and personnel. 

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Russia, Venezuelan Military Reject Foreign Intervention

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez rejects unconstitutional attempts to overthrow the Maduro government. (teleSU

The Russian government and Venezuela’s armed forces gave their backing to the democratically elected Maduro government following a unilateral parliamentary impeachment attempt.

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PDVSA Secures $2.8 Billion Bond Swap to Avert Default

(Asuntos Públicos Pdvsa)

PDVSA President Eulogio Del Pino hailed the deal as a “victory over the onslaught of internal and external elements that wagered on a negative result for the company and the country”. 


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Venezuelan Opposition Fractures over Pope-Sponsored Dialogue Initiative

MUD General Secretary Jesus Torrealaba, congressman Julio Borges, and other opposition politicians pose with Vatican envoy monsi

Top MUD leaders slammed the Pope’s overture, which they say they found out about on TV.

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CNE Reports Molotov Attack in Lara State

Five molotov cocktails were thrown at the CNE’s Lara offices on Monday morning. (Ultimas Noticias)

The attack against the national electoral institution’s regional headquarters took place in the early hours of Monday morning. 


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OAS Head Calls for “Concrete Actions” against Venezuela

Luis Almagro has once again called on OAS member states to take action against the Venezuelan government. (Reuters)

Luis Almagro called for international sanctions gainst Venezuela following the temporary suspension of the country’s presidential recall referendum process last week.


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Venezuela’s Maduro Concludes Lightening Tour in Push for Oil Output Cap

President Maduro meets with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz in Riyadh on Sunday. (@PresidencialVen)

Maduro visited Azerbaijan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in a bid to drum up support for a production freeze deal at OPEC's November 30 meeting. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Expels Mayors for Signing 2017 Budget

Popular Will party leader Lester Toledo confirmed that the three mayors had been expelled by Democratic Action on Friday (El Nac

Democratic Action has revoked the membership of three of its sitting mayors, accusing them of “disloyalty”.  


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Chavistas Storm National Assembly in Protest at Impeachment Attempt

Angry Chavistas interrupted the National Assembly's parliamentary session on Sunday, after opposition legislators released

Hundreds of Chavistas forced their way into parliament after opposition legislators declared that President Nicolas Maduro had “abandoned the constitutional functions” of his presidency. 

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Venezuela’s Opposition Calls Protests Against Recall Postponement, Appeals to Military

Miranda governor and leading MUD figure Henrique Capriles has called renewed protests over the weekend, and next week. (Ultimas

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles has called for the military to “enforce the constitution” after the country’s electoral authority heeded a court order postponing preparations for a vote that could oust President Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuela’s PDVSA Warns of Debt Payment "Difficulties"

PDVSA is the single largest source of income for the Venezuelan government, and oil sales accounting for well over 90 percent of

Venezuela’s state oil firm PDVSA has hinted it could begin defaulting on debt obligations as early as next week, amid concern over a failed overture to bondholders that fell flat Friday.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court Orders New Inquiry into Disappeared During Fourth Republic

Venezuela’s Supreme Court ordered the Public Prosecutor's office to reopen investigations into the disappearance of Andre

Venezuela’s Supreme Court issued a ruling Tuesday ordering the country’s the public prosecution to reopen investigations into the case of a law student disappeared in 1966.

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Venezuela Slams “Vile” Clinton Ad Comparing Trump to Chávez

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez speaking during a press conference in Caracas on September 20, 2016. (Archive)

Venezuela's foreign minister blasted the commercial as “abhorrent and inexcusable", as well as evidencing the "corroded" state of US democracy. 

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Venezuelan Authorities Capture Opposition Politician Transporting Military Armaments

Opposition City Councilman Jose Vicente Garcia with confiscated grenades and military vests (Twitter/@VielmaEsTachira)

Venezuelan authorities arrested opposition city councilman Jose Vicente Garcia in San Cristobal Tuesday for alleged possession of grenades and military vests.

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