“Coup plotters and terrorists have been defeated”

Jorge Valero, Venezuelan ambassador to the OAS, said that the OAS does not have any special position on a potential referendum on President Chavez's mandate.

Caracas, 08 Sep.- The Venezuelan ambassador to the Organization of American States, OAS, Jorge Valero, celebrated that the democratic sectors of the Venezuelan opposition have recovered their political space, at the same time that the coup plotters have been defeated.

In conversation with journalists after a meeting with Vice-president Jose Vicente Rangel, Valero said “one gets the impression that the coup plotters and terrorists sectors of the opposition are being isolated, defeated and the democratic factors of the opposition are recovering their breath”.

According to Ambassador Valero, with this position along with “the democratic President Hugo Chavez, we can create the foundations so that, in accord with the Constitution, in which the project of nation is reflected, we could continue walking the footpaths of democracy and constitutionality”.

When asked about the position of the OAS with respect to the potential revocatory referendum on President Chavez mandate, Valero assured “that that organization does not have any special opinion except for the ones derived from the resolutions according to which it endorses the Venezuelan democratic process and the government of Hugo Ch├ívez”.

This interest of the OAS is “to try to create some spaces in Venezuela so that the political debate is carried out in a transparent, peaceful, and democratic way, and especially that the political process runs in perfect harmony with the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic, which is what establishes the rules of the game”.

“The OAS expects that the National Electoral Council will do their job to organize the elections that is responsible for. They have no reasons to try to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela”.

Valero insisted that the OAS endorses the CNE “so that all the possible electoral processes can be organized, and that they fulfill the legal requirements stated in the Constitution.

Valero said he hoped that the CNE will act “according to the law”.

“We hope that all Venezuelans will be very attentive to the decisions made by the CNE and that we all can contribute so that a climate of peace can prevail in Venezuela, and that the Bolivarian process can continue according to the spirit of the Constitution”.