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Re-election of Correa a “Victory for Socialist Forces” Says Venezuelan Government

Merida, February 19th 2013 ( –Vice-president Nicolas Maduro congratulated Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa for his “gigantic” victory in Ecuador’s presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Correa received 57% of the vote, achieving a strong lead ahead of the runner-up, banker Guillermo Lasso who got 24.06% of the vote.

“We’re very happy, and we’ve communicated our congratulations from the whole people of Venezuela, from our president Hugo Chavez, to President Rafael Correa,” Maduro said.

An official government press release stated that, “The impressive re-election of President Rafael Correa for a new period, at the head of the process of democratic transformation which Ecuador is living, constitutes a victory of dignity for the Ecuadorian people. It is a new lesson for those powers which have failed in their attempt to put obstacles in the path towards the consolidation of independence, sovereignty, and well being of all Ecuadorians”.

“The re-election of President Correa is a victory for ALBA [Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America], for the Bolivarian and socialist forces of Our America,” the press release continued.

Correa in turn expressed his appreciation for the congratulations recieved from Venezuela, but suggested that Chavez should rest to aid his recovery from last December's cancer surgery.

“I really, really, appreciate the sentiments from Chavez, but I’m angry. Forget about all that, and get some rest, recover as quickly as possible, because Venezuela and your adored Latin America, your friends need you,” Correa said.

Further, Correa dedicated his victory to Chavez, saying, “It’s worth taking this opportunity to also dedicate this victory to this great Latin American leader who has transformed Venezuela”.

Cuba’s president Raul Castro also congratulated Correa, saying that his “clear victory” is the “expression of irrevocable support for the citizens’ revolution”. The citizens’ revolution is the name the Correa government and other social movements have given to their long term project in Ecuador.

A “record” of over 60% of the 10,000 Ecuadorians registered to vote but living in Venezuela also voted on Sunday, according to the Ecuadorian consul in Venezuela, Maria de Lourdes.

Published on Feb 19th 2013 at 4.08pm