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Venezuela’s Chavez Undergoing “Complex and Difficult” Treatments

Punto Fijo, February 14th, 2013 ( – Venezuela’s Vice President, Nicolás Maduro, announced yesterday that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is undergoing “complex and difficult” treatments for his cancer.

Maduro made the announcement last night upon his arrival from Havana where he had spent the last three days meeting with the president.

The vice president stated that the post-operatory phase has been completed, and that the president is now undergoing “complementary treatments”.

“You all know that there were some difficult moments in December and January, and when the post-operatory phase was completed, but now the president is undergoing complementary treatments that are very complex and difficult,” said Maduro

The announcement comes at a time when government officials had been expressing increased confidence and optimism about Chavez’s health condition.

Last week various government leaders commented that the president was in “full recovery” and assured he would be returning to Caracas soon.

With this new announcement, however, Chavez’s return in the near future seems unlikely.

Maduro did not give any further details about the treatments that Chavez is receiving, only reiterating their complexity and that their purpose is to defeat the cancer.

“[Chavez] is moving forward, with a fighting spirit as he would say. But the treatments are complex, and they should at some point start to close out this phase of his sickness,” he said.

Earlier this week the government denied media reports claiming that Chavez would not recover, and that his condition was grave.

Spanish daily ABC reported over the weekend that the Venezuelan president was suffering from an advanced metastasis and that it had been decided that he could not return to the presidency.

Government officials denied the claims, comparing them to other false media reports like the fake photo published by El País in January.

Venezuela has not seen or heard from President Chavez for more than two months, leading to much speculation about his health condition.

The president underwent cancer surgery in Havana, Cuba last December 11th and has since communicated with the Venezuelan people only through his government ministers and letters.

Vice president Maduro stated that the constant trips by government ministers to and from Havana would continue throughout Chavez’s recovery.

Published on Feb 14th 2013 at 9.50pm