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Venezuela’s Chavez Experiencing “Gradual Improvement” Following Operation

Mérida, 17th December 2012 ( – Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is in a process of “stabilisation” and “gradual improvement” following his operation in Havana to remove cancer cells last Tuesday, it was reported yesterday.

Jorge Arreaza, Chavez’s minister for science and technology, confirmed in a phone call to state channel VTV that since Chavez’s operation, “the initial process has been reversed, the moments of tension were overcome and since then there has been a positive tendency of stabilisation over the following days”.

Arreaza, who is also Chavez’s son in law, commented to the nation that “the Comandante has already begun to communicate with us to instruct and to govern, to give instructions to be carried out in our country; and above all he is very aware of the situation in Venezuela”.

According to Chavez’s presidential press, the first thing that the Venezuelan president said to his family following the operation was, “How is my people?”, as well as asking for a book to read by Venezuelan playwright Cesar Rengifo.

Arreaza further conveyed Chavez’s thankfulness “to his people and the peoples of the world for so many prayers and good wishes that have been made for his health”.

The operation last Tuesday in Havana, Cuba, was the fourth undergone by Hugo Chavez for cancer. He is continuing his post-operatory recovery on the Caribbean island, and it remains to be seen whether he will be present in Venezuela on 10 January for his inauguration as Venezuelan president for the 2013 – 2019 term. 

Published on Dec 17th 2012 at 3.04pm