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Venezuela’s New Cable Car to Transport 93,000 People per Day

Caracas, 11 Dec. AVN.- The express section of Mariche Metrocable was inaugurated on Monday after one year of construction. It aims to benefit about 93,000 inhabitants of the towns Caucaguita, Filas de Mariche, La Dolorita and Santa Lucia, in Miranda state.

There are two possible trips. The express journey to Palo Verde subway station will now take just 17 minutes, compared to 3 hours previously. The second trip, stopping at five stations, will take 25 minutes.

The new cable line has 144 cars capable of transporting 3,000 people per hour, while a local section -currently under construction- involves 158 additional cars.

On public television during the inauguration of the new cable car, president of Caracas Metro, Haiman El Troudi said that the government had invested US $ 380 million in the project, and that the fare to use the cable car will be the same as the rest of the metro; Bs 1.5 (US $ 0.35).

More cable cars

Vice-President Nicolas Maduro emphasized President Hugo Chavez’s commitment inaugurate the cable line for the community in record time.

Further, El Troudi announced that the towns of Petare Sur and Antimano will also have a cable car system, since Chavez approved financing for its construction four months ago.

This transport system will benefit almost the entire population of Petare, Miranda state.

Housing construction

Around 2,700 apartments will also be constructed on land near the Mariche Metrocable. They will be inhabited by families who currently live in high-risk areas in the towns of La Dolorita and Mariche, as well by employees of the Metrocable, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidate for governor in Miranda state, Elias Jaua, said.

Jaua informed that Chavez approved the necessary financing to being the housing construction and that Metro de Caracas public company will be in charge of carrying it out.

"It is important that the population organizes itself to carry out this project," Jaua said.

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Published on Dec 12th 2012 at 6.17pm

Source: AVN