Venezuela Launches Second Satellite Today

Venezuela’s second satellite, named Miranda, is set to be launched from China at 11:42 Caracas time on Friday, according to Bolivarian Space Agency manager Francisco Varela.


“The Miranda Satellite is coupled with the launcher that will allow it to be sent into space, Varela said, speaking from China in an interview on Venezolana de Television.

He said that group of Venezuelan professionals has been assembled to monitor the satellite from the Captain Manuel Rios Aerospace Center in El Sombrero in Venezuela’s western plains state of Guárico.

Varela said that the team is conducting its last tests, and “we can say to the Venezuelan people that we are happily awaiting this Friday when we will have the Miranda Satellite in space”.

The terrestrial observation satellite will focus on the needs of the population, particularly with regard to urban planning, agriculture, security and defense, and locating natural resources. Varela explained that the satellite will benefit Venezuelan farmers by monitoring floods and droughts, and by predicting the right time to plant crops to reduce loss.

“Regarding urban planning, we will work with the Great Housing Mission of Venezuela – a program by the government to solve the housing shortage and guarantee the right to dignified housing – to make urban plans that are based on favorable  conditions in terms of services”, Varela said.

Images from the Miranda Satellite will be used to help ensure that planning happens in a manner that reduces the country’s vulnerability to landslides and earthquakes.