EU Parliament Rejects Resolution Questioning Venezuela’s Withdrawal from IACHR

With a massive walk-out on Thursday, members of the European Parliament rejected a resolution expressing “worry” over Venezuela’s possible withdrawal from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).


The resolution, supported exclusively by groups of the extreme right in the EU Parliament and stemming from a  request by the Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, obtained just 4.9 percent support (37 out of 754 deputies).

The session, marked by a clear division, did not have the backing of the progressive groups in the EU Parliament, who called it a laughable attempt to discredit the Venezuelan government ahead of presidential elections in the South American country.

The socialist deputy Vicente Garcés of Spain said that the EU Parliament cannot weigh in on hypothetical issues like the possible IACHR withdrawal simply to influence the electoral campaign in Venezuela.

Meanwhile Inés Zuper, Vice President of the Commission on Employment and Social Issues, said it was inadmissible and incredible that the issue was even proposed.

“It is a clear intervention in the presidential elections of October 7 to influence public opinion in Venezuela” he said, and invited the EU Parliament to instead discuss Venezuela’s achievements in terms of social rights.

Progressive social-democratic groups also showed a desire to distance themselves from the attempt to favor the opposition candidate in Venezuela.

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