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2012 a “Decisive Year”: Launches Fundraising Campaign to Maintain Operations

November 10th 2011 ( – “2012 is going to be a decisive year. There will be various elections, including the presidential elections in October. That means that the manipulations, lies, and distortions by both Venezuelan and international private media will be even more intense than usual,” said VA writer Tamara Pearson.

“Our role is to counter those distortions, while, of course, maintaining coverage of the other important aspects of the revolution which the mainstream ignores, such as the grassroots movements and organising, the conflicts, problems, and unique dynamics of the Bolivarian revolution, and its achievements,” she added.

“As VA enters its ninth year, we have a lot of accumulated knowledge and experience. As writers, we are on the ground in Venezuela and immersed in different aspects of Venezuelan politics. We aim to not just cover the news, but also write useful analysis, provide photos, conduct interviews, and do translations of articles by Venezuelan writers and revolutionaries,” Pearson said.

Website founder and contributor, Greg Wilpert explained, “As we have done for the last two years now, this year we are having an end of year fund drive in order to raise the funds needed to keep us going through 2012. We are completely independent and depend on reader donations to keep the website going”.

This year is aiming to increase its subscription base to $500 per month, and raise $7000 in one off donations. The total amount goes towards paying three part time writers, website fees, audio production, and other small costs.

Referring to the Venezuelan population, but in a statement that could equally be applied globally, President Hugo Chavez said recently, "If it weren't for the attack, the lies, manipulation and the exaggeration" of the private media networks, the Venezuelan government would have the support of at least 80 percent of the population”.

“In the war of ideas the US is intensifying its attacks and allocating millions of dollars in different ways, but the media war is always the same,” he said.

Wilpert however stressed that the media “war” is a very unequal one, “the English mainstream press has a lot of money, resources and power. So at, although we run the site on very minimal costs, we need all the financial support from readers that we can get in order to continue doing what we do, and then to be able to do it better”.

“ has regularly provided very useful description, analysis, and commentary on developments in Venezuela, rarely available in the US or the West generally, and valuable for a balanced understanding not only of Venezuela but of Latin American generally in the current very exciting phase of its history,” U.S writer and activist, Noam Chomsky said.

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Published on Nov 10th 2011 at 12.25pm