Chavez: No More Cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez confirmed that medical exams show he is free of cancerous cells and on the path to full recovery.


Upon return from Cuba this Thursday, the Venezuelan head of state spoke live on television, detailing the extensive medical tests done this week to determine the effects of chemotherapy treatments he has undergone for the past three months.

Four months ago, on June 20, President Chavez underwent surgery to remove a baseball-sized cancerous tumor from his pelvic region. The latest tests show no more cancer cells are present in his body and he has had no major negative side effects from chemotherapy. Chavez affirmed he is now on the path to recovery.

 “A new Chavez is being born”, he exclaimed before TV cameras after descending from his airplane Thursday morning.

Chavez arrived Thursday to the western Venezuelan state of Tachira, after four days in Cuba undergoing intensive medical exams. “There are no more cancerous cells in my body. There is no abnormal cellular activity. I can say I got an A+ on my exams”, exclaimed the popular Venezuelan President.

After experiencing pain and discomfort earlier this year, Chavez underwent an emergency operation in June to drain a pelvic abscess. After the infection cleared – which had been caught just in time – further exams showed a baseball-sized tumor in his pelvic region. It was removed immediately.

The Venezuelan head of state previously explained the tumor was “encapsulated” and no metatasis or spread of cancer cells to any of his organs had occurred. Nonetheless, he received four sessions of chemotherapy as a precaution.

Today the Venezuelan leader, who enjoys a 60% approval rating nationwide, appears optimistic, rejuventated and determined to fully recover from his illness. “I am going to radically change my life”, announced Chavez, referring to his previous round the-clock lifestyle that was largely supported by over 20 cups of black coffee a day.

Chavez has reaffirmed his candidacy for the 2012 presidential elections. At present, he leads opposition candidates by more than 30 points.