Venezuela Brings ALBA Games to a Close

On Saturday Venezuelans and other ALBA citizens brought the fourth edition of the ALBA Games to a close, ending weeks of sporting competitions between teams of visiting ALBA nations.


The Games of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) are a space of unity, integration and friendship among the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, affirmed Sports Minister Hector Rodriguez on Saturday.

During the closing ceremony of the ALBA Games Venezuela 2011, held in the western Venezuelan state of Lara, Rodriguez said that the tournament was “a tool to bring us closer, know each other and go together towards a better future.”

The Minister also congratulated the over 3,500 athletes from 25 countries which took part in the fourth edition of the competition, inaugurated on July 17 in 10 Venezuelan sports arenas.

“We congratulate Cuba for establishing themselves as the champions of this fourth edition of the ALBA Games (162 golden medals), Venezuela for winning second place (153 gold medals) and Ecuador, which took third (21 gold medals),” said Rodriguez.

He also highlighted the participation of Venezuelan athletes, who had a strong showing in this year’s tournament.

“Today, Venezuela shines in every corner of the world. Today, Venezuela”s youth shine in all matters of culture and sports. This tricolor flag is known for what Venezuelans stand for: men and women of honor, glory and bravery.”

The fourth ALBA Games took place in 10 Venezuelan sports arenas with a significant investment made by the government of Venezuela and the games allowed for the repair of 31 sports facilities. The next edition of this tournament will take place in Ecuador in 2013.

The idea of carrying out these games arrose in June 2005 at the request of former Cuban president Fidel Castro and his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez. The first edition took place in the Caribbean island and there it was established that the games would take place every two years in alternate venues.

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Source: AVN