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News: Bolivarian Project

New Venezuelan Laptop Factory Produces between 50 and 100 Items per Day

Caracas, 16 Jul. AVN .- Between fifty and one hundred Canaima laptops have been produced daily since June 01, by thirty Venezuelans who work at the Technology Complex Simon Rodriguez, in Miranda state, adding up to a total 2,100 units so far.

This Saturday the first line of computers manufactured at the Technology Complex was inaugurated. It aims to produce 48,000 laptops more this year, to reach a total of 50,000 Venezuelan made Canaimas.

“It was not only about distributing computers among students... but also about manufacturing such computers,” said Manuel Fernandez, vice minister of science and technology, while speaking to a local television station during the broadcast of a cabinet meeting chaired by President Hugo Chavez.

It is expected that work on the second phase of the project will conclude between November and December this year.

The second phase is includes the construction of a storehouse adjacent to the Technology Complex Simon Rodriguez, enabling Venezuela to manufacture 500,000 computers which will be handed out to primary school children.

Vice-minister of scientific and technological development, Jorge Arreaza, said that this manufacturing line was made possible by taking advantage of the facilities of an institute of technology innovation.

Canaima content, the vice-minister reminded, is produced by Venezuelan teachers using freeware, ensuring full industrial and technology sovereignty.

A group of workers from the Technology Complex sent one of the Canaima laptops to President Chavez to take to Havana, Cuba.

Receiving the laptop before leaving to Havana to continue his medical treatment, President Chavez said, “When I touch it, I see it, I say to myself that we have to continue living to continue seeing these things, to continue enjoying the progress towards the new life of the homeland.”

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Published on Jul 18th 2011 at 11.35am

Source: AVN