MetroCable Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

Venezuela’s innovative MetroCable system celebrated its first anniversary this Thursday with a record of more than one million people transported.


This unconventional transport system, the first one in the country, was built by the Chavez administration in order to provide creative solutions to Caracas’ unusual geography and attend to poor communities ignored by prior governments.

The urban cable transport system transports more than 3 thousand people daily who live in hard to reach neighborhoods situated on Caracas’ mountainous regions. In just nine minutes, the MetroCable goes from the top of the hillside to the subway.

The project also focuses on building interactive public spaces for the communities serviced, including exhibition halls, galleries, tourist lookout points, recreational centers, event rooms and health clinics.

On the occasion of its oneyear anniversary, the Caracas Metro company and communal councils from the San Agustin community, where the MetroCable is located, organized activities from January 20-30 including sports tournaments and cultural events.