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Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan Ambassadors to Honduras Kidnapped

Mérida, June 28th 2009 ( – Military personnel kidnapped the ambassadors of Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua in Honduras, along with the Honduran Foreign Relations Minister Patricia Rodas, according to Venezuela’s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Roy Chaderton.

Chaderton made the announcement just before noon today during an emergency meeting of the OAS in Washington that was convened to respond to the military coup d’etat underway in the Honduras.

“Excuse the interruption, it is an urgent matter. I have just received information in this moment that the ambassadors of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela,and Foreign Relations Minister Patricia Rodas have been kidnapped by a group ofhooded military agents,” said Chaderton.

Rodas confirmed the kidnapping in a hurried phone call to the Caracas-based television channel Telesur as the kidnapping was underway, according to Telesur.

Early this morning, approximately 200 soldiers kidnapped Honduran President Manuel Zelaya from his home and took over the state television station. A conflict between Zelaya and top military officials erupted this week after the military officials impeded the distribution of electoral materials for a national poll scheduled for today on whether to have a national referendumto re-write the national constitution.

The president of the Honduran Congress, Roberto Micheletti, has been sworn in as de facto president. U.S. President Barack Obama expressed his “concern” and called for all parties to “respect democratic norms” and peacefully resolve the conflict. Zelaya has communicated with Telesur from San Jose, Costa Rica, where the military forcibly transported him.

Published on Jun 28th 2009 at 1.19pm



Preface: How can a person know they are dealing with a venezuelan government site as opposed to one that might be operated by OAS or the US disguised as a venezuelan site? It un-nerves me to see a DONATE button.


As for these kidnappings, it seems to be precursor to a new attempt to destroy the Latin American Revolution begun by Fidel Castro. I can only say that I hope you are prepared.

Although Barak Obama pretends to be innocent, I think he is behind this mess. I visited an Iranian site operated by VOA to tell them that their uprising coincided with our former Federal Senator Rick Santorum who was on the radio last night 990AM With Dennis Praeger telling the audience that he had supported several funding bills for the overthrow of the Iranian Government. Even though there are no US fingerprints on Irans uprising, Santorum has just delighted over them. The next time he is on this radio, he will probably tell us that he funded anti-venezuelan bill for the overthrow of Hugo Chavez and the kidnapping of these people. In any event, it is a declaration of war but it is best to avoid it at all costs.

Go to the UN...go to anyone who will listen and scream bloody murder. The UN is a puppet of the US but China and Russia might listen.


Nicaragua and the boxing industry lost a very important person. Alexis Arguello, world champion boxer and mayor of Managua, Nicaragua, has been found dead at the age of 57-a possible suicide. He was the only person to hold World Championships in three weight classes, and was a feared puncher, being ranked high on Ring Magazine's list of Greatest Punchers. (Three names close to his are Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston, and Mike Tyson.) It appears to have been a suicide. He fought with the Sandinistas, and joined their political party, and held the position of vice mayor before being elected to mayorship of Managua. He won't need pay day loans or quick cash to get in the Boxing Hall of Fame, but it’s sad to see Alexis Arguello go.


Cuba..... talking about returning a democratically elected official????

Wow.... that guy must have a short memory. Is Cuba the one that got overthrown by a coup? Is Cuba the one that has NOT HAD DEMOCRACY for decades? I'm stupid, and have no idea. But those thousands of Cubans fleeing to other countries on rafts and old tires have their opinions.

The minister from Cuba talking like that must be a porn actor, because he sure has big ***** to say something like that.