Opposition Mayoral Candidate for Valencia Detained on Drug Trafficking Charges

Prensa Web YVKE (Patricia Rivas)
Viernes, 14 de Nov de 2008. 2:59 pm

Abdala Makled, candidate for mayor of Valencia (Carabobo State), was arrested today for alleged narcotrafficking. The businessman was arrested in a hacienda he owned, where aircraft and a clandestine airstrip were also discovered, which is suspected to have been the origin of nearly 400 kilos of cocaine intercepted by authorities this morning at El Rosario, a property belonging to the candidate’s brother Walid Makled, who was also arrested.

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Relations and Justice, Tarek El Aissami, confirmed on Friday in an
interview with the VTV program ‘La Noticia,’ that there had been a raid
on the Haciend El Rosaria, in the municipality of Libertador, where
Abdala Makled, mayoral candidate in Valencia and a strong collaborator
of governor Acosta Carlez, was arrested. Makled’s brother, Betsi, was
also detained, as were three functionaries of the Carabobo Regional
Police found guarding the hacienda.

The operation against this
narcotrafficking nework that today captured 392 kilos of what is
assumed to be cocaine, has so far resulted in 13 detentions. The
minister did not rule out that the raid could result in new arrest
orders considering the discovery of a clandestine airstrip, planes,
fuel and signal lights, which the alleged narcotraffickers appeared to
be readying to use to transport the drugs.

Translated by A Gringo in the Bolivarian Republic