Chavez criticizes Israel and Colombia for claiming, “right to defense” to justify invasions

2, 2008,(YKVE Mundial) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez criticized the
ambiguity of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ba Ki-Moon, for his
comments expressed in reference to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. Ki-Moon
classified the attacks against Palestine, which left 90 dead in four days as
"excessive use of force" but classified the launching of homemade rockets from
Palestine towards Israel, that left one person dead during the same four days,
as "terrorism."

what cynicism!" Chavez said this Sunday in his program Hello President, in
Caracas. "And this is coming from the Secretary General of the United Nations.
What hope do we have!"

"The legitimate right to defense" as a justification to invade countries

President criticized Israel as well as Colombia, who he said hide behind "a supposed
right to defense" to bomb neighboring territories, neighboring peoples, neighboring
countries. "This is what Israel does."

pointed to the words of General Secretary Ba Ki-Moon about "recognizing the
right of Israel to defend itself," and compared these words to a communiqué
emitted by the Colombian government [over its incursion into Ecuador]: "Colombia
did not violate sovereignty, rather it acted on the principle of legitimate

is the same as what Israel says." Chavez said. "Israel and Colombia say this because this is
the order of Washington. What is more serious is when the Secretary General of
the United Nations says he ‘recognizes the right of Israel to defend itself'
but only condemns as ‘disproportionate and excessive use of force' that which has
killed and injured so many civilians including children."

this terrorism, Mr Ki-Moon?" Chavez continued. "You see
how cynicism prevails in the world! The bombings in Iraq, that destroy entire
towns is not classified as terrorism. But the FARC are supposedly terrorists!"

is the same in the case of Colombia Chavez argued. "What the Colombian
government does is bomb whole areas where peasants live, houses, small farms,
they destroy all of these with their inclement bombing – ah, this is not terrorism,
but the FARC are terrorists! This is the cynicism of imperialism replicated by
its lackeys!"

Venezuelan Armed Forces on alert!

the face of this, Chavez asked the Venezuelan Armed Forces to be alert "We must be alert,
Minister (of Defense Rangel Briceño). Meet with the Commander of the Strategic
Operational Command and begin moving troops, to strengthen our border region
with Colombia. Imperialism should not even think about using their lackeys of the
Colombian oligarchy to attack Venezuela! If they do we will have to respond

The President gave a clear warning to Uribe: "I suggest you don't even think
about it, President Uribe." Later he added: "We are not going to allow a
violation of our territory. The sovereignty of our land is sacred." He
indicated that he would confront any war with resolution and without ambiguity,
but emphasized his high regard and fondness for the Colombian people.

Translated by Kiraz Janicke

Source: YVKE Mundial