Venezuela Denounces Colombian Paramilitary Actions

Caracas, Dec 16 (Prensa Latina) Colombian
paramilitaries work in the western state of Zulia, governed by
opposition Manuel Rosales, Panorama newspaper stated Sunday citing
"totally reliable sources."

Zulia is considered the most violent state of Venezuela,
although paradoxically Rosales in his presidential campaign against
President Hugo Chavez, criticized insecurity.

"Paramilitarism in Venezuela spearheads in Maracaibo,
capital of Zulia," according to the regional daily's report based on "a
confidential information from sources of total reliability for the
Venezuelan and Colombian military intelligence."

The information states that groups created to fight leftwing
guerrillas in Colombia work in Venezuela in bands called "Black Eagle,"
"Blue Eagle," and "Red Eagle."

Alluding support to regional landowners, it indicates that
the phenomenon started in the zone of Machiques in 2004, when
stockbreeders contracted a Colombian colonel named Novoa, to train
about 90 men with weapons.

Colombian paramilitaries have been used to destabilize
President Chavez, including an assassination plan for which 41 members
of those irregular groups were sentenced to prison in 2005.

Source: Prensa Latina