Family of President’s Ex-Wife Declares Support for Reform, Against Her

This Thursday,
the family President Chavez's ex-wife, Marisabel Rodríguez,
expressed their support for the constitutional reform program proposed
by Chávez and the National
Assembly (AN) through public debate. “We are with the president
of the republic on his constitutional reform proposal just as we are
with the bolivarian revolution,” declared José Vicente Rodríguez
Uzcátegui, father of the former first lady, during a press conference
that included Marisabel’s siblings and uncle.

do not share my daughter’s opinion about the constitutional reform,”
assured her father, in response to Marisabel’s declarations last Tuesday
against the reform and the government of President Chávez, along with
the advertisements with her advocating for a NO vote that are being
run on Globovisión.

Chávez is a very humane man who wishes the best for the people of Venezuela,
especially for those most in need,” stated Rodríguez accompanied
by his wife Beatriz Jiménez.

José Vicente
Rodríguez was also accompanied by his children Beatriz Rodríguez Jiménez
and José Vicente González Jiménez and his brother Edecio Rodríguez.
“We support the President because he deserves it; we are completely
with him,” said Marisabel’s uncle, who invited the public to
vote in favor of the reform Sunday, December 2nd.

Her sister, Beatriz
Rodríguez, explained, “We respect the decision of anyone, including
our sister, but we do not agree with it.”

Rodríguez Jiménez and Rodríguez Uzcátegui
families fully support the president of the republic and the reform,”
her sister said, pointing out that no contemporary Venezuelan government
has accomplished the positive achievements that the Chávez government

She noted that
the Rodríguez Jiménez family, like any other Venezuelan family, gets
up in the morning and works for a living. “We support this revolutionary
process for all it has done to help the people get ahead.” For
these reasons, along with other merits of the revolutionary process,
she said that she will vote in favor of the constitutional reform.

Vía Radio Mundial – YVKE

Translated by Dawn Gable