Venezuela Raises Proven Oil Reserves to 100 Billion Barrels

Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela, the fourth-biggest
supplier of crude oil to the United States, said its proven oil
reserves have risen to 100 billion barrels.

The energy and oil ministry said it has certified 12.4
billion additional barrels of proven reserves in the country's
Faja del Orinoco region, where the government assumed control of
oil ventures with foreign companies earlier this year.

In the so-called Carabobo Blocks two, three and four, in
the Orinoco region, surveyors have certified 20.1 billion
barrels of proven crude oil reserves and more than 5 trillion
cubic feet of natural gas reserves, the government said today in
a statement.

In the Orinoco Magna Reserve project, the government
expects to certify more than 200 billion barrels of crude oil
reserves, which would give Venezuela the biggest hydrocarbons
reserves in the world.

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Source: Bloomberg