Chavez Officially Proclaimed President-Elect for 2007-2013

With a large crowd of supporters outside, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias was officially proclaimed President-elect of Venezuela for "the next 6 years”, yesterday morning, with 7,161,637 votes, 62.89% of the total.

Caracas, Venezuela, December 5, 2006 ( With a large crowd of supporters outside, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias was officially proclaimed President-elect of Venezuela for the “period of the next 6 years” by the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) yesterday morning, with 7,161,637 votes, 62.89% of the total.  His next term officially begins on February 2, 2007.  

Chavez “humbly” accepted the certification of his election for his next term in a black suit and red tie, and spoke briefly congratulating and thanking the electoral power and Venezuela’s citizens.

“I receive this certification with a great humility and with a great commitment,” said Chavez.

Chavez announced that Venezuela will be a Latin American power, and that those who voted for him, voted for a project.                                                     

“Those that voted for me didn’t vote for a name, or a slogan, or a song,” said Chavez “They voted for a project, and just like 8 years ago, when I repeated everywhere that we were going to hold a constitutional assembly.”

“Today I say the same,” continued the Venezuelan President. “Those who voted for me, didn’t vote for me, they voted for a socialist project to construct a profoundly different Venezuela, they voted for a project, they voted for a profound consciousness.”

Chavez congratulated the Venezuelan people for their record participation, and also addressed what he called “the responsible opposition.”

“I want to extend my hand to the serious opposition, to its leaders, that assumed with seriousness in the end.  It’s about time that they took the attitude of a true democrat,” said Chavez.  

Chavez remembered the 2004 Recall Referendum, which he said “was also transparent and clear”, but “the opposition still hasn’t recognized the great triumph of the people.”

“It was about time that the political opposition in Venezuela assumed seriousness,” said Chavez

Chavez spoke of the Constitution and quoted Simon Bolivar, “The impulse of this revolution has been made, nothing can detain it. Our party (partido) is taken, to turn back would be the ruin for all, we must triumph for the road of the revolution, never for another road.” 

“That is our road,” announced Chavez. “The road of this Republic is the revolution, a democratic, social, political, economic, and moral revolution that continues integrating all of the Venezuelans.”  Chavez highlighted the increasing support for his government over the last 8 years, and the “growing gap” between the Bolivarian Revolution and the opposition.

“The people have spoken,” said Chavez, “The voice of the people is the voice of God, and that’s how I assume it, and I ask god to that I am capable of continuing to sail this boat with the help of all of you, of the great majority, and hopefully with the help of those who didn’t vote for me as well, because this homeland is for them and their children as well.”   

CNE Congratulations

Tibisay Lucena, President of the CNE, who proclaimed Chavez President, thanked all of the candidates, poll workers, and Venezuelan citizens for the “democracy, tranquility and happiness that Venezuelan showed the world.” 

According to the CNE, participation was extremely high, with an abstention rate of only around 25%.

“We congratulate the people of Venezuela.  We heard the voice of the people that was expressed on the 3rd of the December,” said Lucena, who also additionally congratulated “all of the men and women who worked to carry out an electoral process that was transparent, quick and democratic.”

Lucena announced that the poll workers opened a record number voting centers before 8:00am.  According to Lucena on Sunday, by 9:30 am, 96% of the voting stations were open.