Electoral Council Declares End of Voting Day

Caracas, December 3, 2006 (venezuelanalysis.com)— At 5:10 pm today the president of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, announced that officially the election day has ended and that the only voting centers still allowed to be open are those that still have voters waiting in line to vote. Lucena, however, did not say how many centers were still open due to voters still waiting to vote.

Lucena also congratulated everyone who was involved in organizing a successful vote today, “who have worked with great responsibility so that the process ends in complete transparency, which is recognized by international observers.”

At the time of Lucena’s announcement, already over 1,000 voting centers had transmitted their results to the CNe headquarters, which is about 9% of all centers.

The first results will not be made public as long as there still is a single voter waiting in line, said Lucena.