New Book Launched in Venezuela: “Bush vs. Chavez”

Eva Golinger inaugurated her new book Sunday night, “Bush vs. Chavez: Washington’s War Against Venezuela.” It is the highly-awaited update to “The Chavez Code” and chronicles US destabilization attempts and ongoing intervention in Venezuela since 2005.

Caracas, November 21, 2006 (— Venezuelan-U.S. Attorney, Eva Golinger, inaugurated her new book during the closing events of the 2nd International Book Fair in Caracas Sunday night. Her book, Bush vs. Chavez: Washington’s War Against Venezuela (Monte Avila Editores, 2006, Caracas), is the highly-awaited update to The Chavez Code, and chronicles US destabilization attempts and ongoing intervention in Venezuela since 2005.

“This is not a pretty book, it is serious and heavy,” Golinger told a packed crowd. “and when you finish reading it you should be moved and ready to take action.”

The 231 page, Bush vs. Chavez, deals with various issues including a well-established US media campaign, espionage, sabotage, and psychological war against Venezuela. It investigates US monetary support for Venezuelan groups such as the opposition NGO Súmate, through Congressionally funded groups such as the USAID, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the International Republican Institute (IRI).

Bush vs. Chavez also spends more than a chapter on possible invasion scenarios such as Plan Balboa, which it says “was created as a military exercise jointly simulated with NATO forces, supposedly realized during the month of May, 2001… but contains real satellite images, of the US institutions and precise coordinates of Venezuela airstrips and strategic points within the territory of the country.”

Golinger declared last night that whole chapters of her book where dedicated to the possible intervention of Colombian paramilitaries in Venezuela. The potential use of paramilitaries in and around December 3rd, has been widely discussed as a potential opposition and US backed plan to destabilize the elections.

Bush vs. Chavez contains three annexes: “Declassified Government Documents of the United States and Other Documents,” “Documents about Plan Balboa,” and “Special Documents about the Participation of the United States Army in the April 2002 Coup d’État Against President Chavez.”

Noam Chomsky recently declared Bush vs. Chavez, “invaluable” and described the book as “an essential read to understanding the conflict between the United States and Venezuela, regarding the current media subversion adopted by Washington, once the most traditional and crude instruments of domination—violence and economic strangulation—have lost their efficiency.”

Golinger, who has just returned from a European tour said last night, “The world is interested in Venezuela. Thirty journalists from various media outlets came out to a press conference in Paris… To have a press conference like that shows the level of interest.”

Golinger stated that there was a lot of media manipulation regarding Venezuela, but she added to laud applause, “Everyone told me, ‘we all need a president like Chavez.’”

Golinger declared that she cannot understand those that say that Chavez hasn’t done anything for the country.

“Maybe you don’t like Chavez, but you can’t deny the success of his government in social programs, infrastructure… and the elimination of forced military recruitment.” she stated.

One member of the audience called for Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution to be brought to the United States, but Golinger disagreed.

“You can educate the people about what is happening in the world, but you can’t ever go to impose a will which is not their own,” she declared. “Here in Venezuela, instead of exporting revolution you should work on consolidating the revolution.”

The 2nd International Venezuelan Book Fair came to a close in Caracas yesterday. Organizers estimated that a total of 700,000 visited the fair during the 10-day long event. President of the National Book Center (CENAL), Ramón Medero, told ABN that next year the theme will be “ The United States: Is revolution possible? ” Organizers plan to invite North American community leaders as well as representatives from the US intellectual community.

This first edition of Bush vs. Chavez is only available in Spanish. An estimated date for publication in English is still unknown, as the author searches for a publisher.

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