Recall Referendums Against Governors, Mayors and Councilmen Suspended

Citing high costs and the proximity of elections, the Electoral Council decided to only go ahead with recall referendums on President Chavez and National Assembly deputies.

Caracas, Oct 27.- National Electoral Council (CNE) president Francisco Carrasquero, announced this Monday the cancellation of the referendum process to recall state governors, mayors and councilmen, due to the high cost of the process and the proximity of the elections for such positions.

Carrasquero explained that due to the proximity of the electoral processes, to be held during the first semester of 2004, and to the high cost for the State Treasury and, in particular for the CNE, the five main representatives unanimously decided “to leave without effect the resolutions of admission to start the recall process for governors, mayors and councilmen”.

The petition drive for recall referendums against National Assembly deputies will go on as planned.

Carrasquero also announced that the CNE approved unanimously, a resolution asking all government institutions to avoid any type of pressures “on the will of the citizens” with regard to elections ro referendums.