Sabotage May Have Caused Explosion in Amuay Refinery

An Explosion Shook the Amuay Refinery Sunday Morning. Officials say that Sabotage may have been the cause.

Yesterday morning, at 6:30am, a major explosion rocked an electrical substation of one of the Amuay refinery, one of world’s largest. The explosion caused two injuries and was felt as far as several kilometers from the refinery. Residents living nearby said that it felt like an earthquake.

Managers of PDVSA, the state-owned oil company which runs the refinery, and police officials said that sabotage was likely because of the strength of the explosion. No gasoline or other combustible materials are stored or run through pipes in that area. An investigation into the causes and the possibility of sabotage has been launched.

PDVSA spokespersons assured that the explosion did not affect the operation of the refinery. They added that even if it did, there is enough inventory to continue supplying national and international clients.