Back to the Ballot! Rolling Coverage of Venezuela’s ‘Mega-elections’

Live updates from VA's on-the-ground team as Venezuelans head to the polls to elect a massive 3,082 officials.


Venezuelans head to the polls this Sunday, November 21, for regional and local “mega-elections.” There are 3,082 officials to be elected: 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 regional legislators and 2,471 local councillors. Additionally, hundreds of international observers have been deployed, including missions from the European Union, United Nations, the Carter Center and the Council of Latin American Experts (CEELA).

These elections have the broadest ballot in years after the hardline US-backed opposition decided to field candidates and abandon its boycott strategy. How will the correlation of forces look like? 

Watch this space and our social media accounts as our team brings regular updates on election day. And to get up to speed, make sure to check out our electoral guide and our interactive infographic for everything you need to know about these elections.