Venezuela to Begin Clinical Trials of Russian Covid-19 Vaccine

The first batch of the Sputnik V vaccine was delivered by the Russian Investment Fund to the South American nation.


Mérida, October 6, 2020 ( – Venezuela will be the first Latin American nation to participate in clinical trials of the Russian Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez made the announcement upon the arrival of the medical cargo on Friday, and informed that the vaccine’s phase 3 clinical trials will begin this month with 2,000 citizens from Caracas taking part.

Rodriguez assured that thanks to the strategic cooperation between Russia and Venezuela, the Venezuelan government will have access to the coronavirus vaccine and start production as soon as trials are completed.

Alexey Seredi, Russia’s charge d’affaires, explained that these trials are part of a cooperation agreement between Venezuela’s Health Ministry and Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.

On Sunday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro offered a televised broadcast with the Covid-19 Commission and reported that the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine will also arrive this month to be trialled by Venezuela.

He stated that the volunteer selection process for the trials has begun, and that his son Nicolas Maduro Guerra and his older sister Maria Teresa Maduro had decided to take part in the trial.

“As soon as the trial phase is finished we will begin the vaccination plan,” he added, emphasizing that healthcare personnel, teachers, senior citizens and people with chronic diseases will be prioritized.

Maduro likewise informed that the country’s “7×7” scheme, which alternates one week of radical quarantine and one week with some restrictions lifted, will be updated for the final months of the year.

As of Monday, Venezuela had registered 78,434 Covid-19 cases, with a total of 68,917 patients recovered and 653 deceased. The country has been one of the least affected by the pandemic in the continent.

The South American nation has received several shipments with medical supplies from allies such as Russia and China to cooperate in tackling the virus.

Last week, China delivered another medical shipment to Venezuela with 17 tons of supplies. So far the Asian country has sent more than 250 tons of aid to help Caracas tackle the coronavirus.

Edited by Ricardo Vaz from Mérida.