Nationwide Blackout in Venezuela, Third since March – VA’s on the Ground Coverage Affected

A government communique states that the probable cause was an “electromagnetic attack.”


March 23, 2019 ( – Venezuela is now experiencing an extensive blackout, the third of its kind this year. Electrical power went out around 4:40 pm on Monday. In the early hours of Tuesday, it began to slowly return to some parts of the country, including most of Caracas.

Hours after the blackout began, a government communique stated that the probable cause was an “electromagnetic attack in the lower Caroní Basin,” in Bolivar state.

The government attributed the previous two national blackouts – on March 7 and on March 26 – to sabotage of the Guri Dam, also in Bolivar state, which generates between 80 and 90 percent of the electricity consumed in Venezuela.

Some reports point to the blackout affecting 15 of Venezuela’s 23 states, whereas other sources affirm that the whole country was without electricity.

A few hours after the first official communique, a tweet by Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez informed the nation that schools would be closed on Tuesday and asked people to remain at home.

The Venezuelanalysis writing team, based in Venezuela, reports that they have limited access to internet at the moment. More information will follow.