Venezuela: Cuban Revolution ‘Will Continue to Light the Way During this Challenging and Complex 21st Century’

The Venezuelan government congratulated its Cuban counterpart on the 60th anniversary of their Revolution.


The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Moros, in the name of the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian government, congratulates the brave Cuban people with utmost admiration on this, the sixtieth anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution, sixty years of independence, bravery, and dignity.

The small handful of fighters full of dreams came ashore from the Granma as saviours, and went about winning over the hopes and dreams of the grassroots of the Cuban society. Throughout these sixty years, and following the footsteps and dreams of the apostle Jose Marti, this brave people, magistrally led by Fidel Castro Ruz, have confronted and overcome immense challenges.

From the initial assault on the Moncada barracks, the uneven struggle in the Sierra Maestra and the defeat of imperialist oppression, the victory over the Bay of Pigs invasion, the cruel financial and commercial blockade imposed by the US for nearly six decades, the international solidarity to support the noble causes of liberation and of attending to the needs of the poorest without self interest, the training of millions of professionals with truly humanist values, the confrontation of terrorism in its worst expressions, the development of new sciences and arts in an exemplary way, and the composed confrontation of the special period are just some of the great challenges and triumphs of the Cuban Revolution.

In reaching sixty years with so much history and so many victories, the statement of President Nicolas Maduro at the events held for the physical passing of Commander Fidel Castro, the great architect and constructor of the Revolution, take on special significance:

Fidel went beyond fulfilling his mission here, he went beyond any expectation, he left victorious and, amongst us, absolutely absolved by the great history of this nation.

Equally, with Fidel’s example as the guide, the actions of Raul, and the new generation of revolutionaries led by comrade Miguel Diaz-Canel, the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirm their fraternal commitment to the Cuban people with the total assurance that it is the present and future Cuban Revolution which will continue to light the way during this challenging and complex 21st Century.

¡Hasta la Victoria, Siempre! ¡Venceremos!

Translated by Paul Dobson for

Source: AVN