Spain Pushes Dialogue Instead of Sanctions Against Venezuela

The policy represents a radical change from the sanctions wanted by previous Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, imposed by Brussels last January, and reinforced last June.


Spain will be suggesting a radical change in their foreign policy with Venezuela to European Union state members during the institution’s Council of Foreign Ministers due Monday in Luxemburg, as reported by El Pais Sunday.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell will be advocating in favor of a policy shift during a work lunch presided by Federica Mogherini, who currently heads EU policy affairs. On Spain’s suggestion, as well as that of France, Italy and Portugal, Mogherini has included debate over Venezuela in the past.

Quoting “diplomatic sources,” the meeting will hopefully result in a series of ideas on “how to promote the political dialogue in Venezuela and open bridges for collaboration,” adding that the EU cannot remain inactive before a “humanitarian crisis that has provoked an exodus of Venezuelans with a heavy impact on neighboring countries.”