US Social Movements Express Support to Venezuela from New York

Solidarity groups gathered in New York to express solidarity towards the Bolivarian Revolution.


The People’s Forum of New York hosted an assembly on Thursday of solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which brought together a group of US social movements interested in knowing in detail the social progress that the South American country has made during the last 19 years.

In this important space for reflection – in which Commander Hugo Chávez, South African leader Nelson Mandela and North American activist Martin Luther King were honored – the organizations expressed their support for the Venezuelan people who wage a historic battle for their right to self-determination .

“From New York we send our support and solidarity to the people of Venezuela, understanding that we are brothers and sisters, and that within the revolutionary process there have been many acts of international solidarity, particularly in the city of New York,” said Claudia de la Cruz, cultural director of the People’s Forum.

Specifically, the director made reference and thanked the contributions of the Bolivarian Republic under the leadership of Hugo Chávez to the New York community of the Bronx, after a visit of the then venezuelan leader to that town in 2005.

“We give thanks for that solidarity between peoples and for the Bolivarian Revolution that is a revolution of the people,” she added.

Similarly, Reverend Danilo Lachapel expressed his solidarity towards the Venezuelan government and people, and condemned Washington’s hostile policy against Caracas.

“We will continue by the side of the people who represent the Latin American Homeland, the Bolivar dream, the unity of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples. We know that Venezuela will triumph in this tough battle, overcoming all the aggressions of the empire, we trust that the people of Bolívar and Chávez will triumph ¡Long live to Venezuela!” he stressed.

In this context, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced – once again – the disastrous consequences of the coercive measures that the US government has unilaterally imposed on the Caribbean country, which prevent the state from acquiring basic goods to fulfill the needs of the population.

The diplomat expressed in his speech Venezuela’s esteem for the American people, regardless of the hegemonic pretensions of Washington.

“We love and respect the people of the United States, our criticism is against the imperialism practiced by the United States government. Venezuela is considered an enemy of imperialism because it gives life to the Bolivarian Doctrine, which has always been in opposition to the Moroe Doctrine, “he added.

Nevertheless, Arreaza pointed out the willingness of President Nicolás Maduro to meet with his counterpart Donald Trump, despite the political differences between the two leaders.

“Venezuela has no arsenal, but its people are stronger than any nuclear weapon,” stressed Foreign Minister Arreaza who, along with a national delegation, had a busy diplomatic agenda at the 73rd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The People’s Forum of New York is a space of diverse social movements. Currently, about 240 progressive organizations are organically articulated. It is also a meeting point of the international progressive movement.

Translation by Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry.