6th World Social Forum Expects 80,000 to Come to Venezuela

Edgardo Lander, a spokesperson for the organizing committee of the 6th WSF in Caracas, presented plans for the event and said that 80-100,000 participants are expected this year. Lander presented the planning, following a meeting with Venezuela's Vice-President, to request logistical help.

Caracas, Venezuela, September 29, 2005—The “polycentric” 6th World Social Forum, one of whose centers will be in Venezuela, expects over 80,000 participants from around the world to come to Caracas from January 24 to 29. The 2006 World Social Forum (WSF) is scheduled to take place in three locations simultaneously: in Venezuela, Pakistan, and Mali.

A representative of the WSF Hemispheric Council, the Venezuelan sociologist Edgardo Lander, presented the plans for this year’s WSF to the Venezuelan Vice-President, José Vicente Rangel, Tuesday, where he requested the government’s help with the organization of the event. According to Lander, “this will be the largest international event held in the history of the country and requires an organizational effort of infrastructure, of tents for meetings, of internet access, which obviously requires public support.”

Lander also expressed confidence that the fact the event is taking place in Caracas will allow for a fruitful exchange of experiences on the process that is currently developing in Venezuela. The participants “will have the opportunity to put themselves in touch with the processes that take place today in Venezuela. We are confident that these can enrich the debates about the Venezuelan process,” said Lander.

The Hemispheric Council, which is organizing the 6th WSF in Venezuela, decided to hold the event in Caracas “as a political decision, which has to do with the Venezuelan process, with interest in and solidarity with what is happening in Venezuela,” explained Lander.

The “territory” of the 6th WSF will encompass a large area, covering Parque Central, Caracas Hilton, the Teresa Carreño Theater, Los Caobos park, the Central University of Venezuela, and the Bolivarian University.

Events for the 6th WSF in Caracas will be grouped into six themes or “terrains”:

  1. Power, politics and struggle for social emancipation
  2. Imperial strategies and peoples’ resistance
  3. Resources and rights for life: alternatives to the predatory civilization model
  4. Moving diversities, identities and cosmovisions
  5. Work, exploitation and reproduction of life
  6. Communication, culture and education: democratizing dynamics and alternatives

There will also be two “transversal” themes of gender and diversities.

For more information on the 6th WSF, see: http://www.wsf2006.org/