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71% of Venezuelans Say Opposition Has No Economic Plan: Poll

Puebla, Mexico, July 14, 2017 ( – The majority of Venezuelans believe a future right-wing government won’t be able to solve the country’s economic crisis, according to a new poll released Thursday.

Conducted by one of Venezuela’s most reputable independent pollsters, Hinterlaces, the poll found 71 percent of Venezuelans believe the opposition currently has no concrete plan to tackle the country’s economic woes, including one of the world’s highest inflation rates and a slump in state revenue.

The poll also found over half of Venezuelans believe the opposition won’t be able to resolve the economic crisis – even if they take power.

“In the latest survey in June, [we found] 56 percent of Venezuelans would prefer that President Maduro solve the [country’s] problems – despite the discontent that exists,” explained Hinterlaces head Oscar Schemel. 

Although the executive remains in the hands of socialist President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s right-wing opposition currently controls the National Assembly, after winning legislative elections by a landslide in 2015. However, that victory may have been spurred more by the failures of the Maduro administration than support for the opposition’s policies, according to Schemel.

“People don’t vote for the opposition; they vote against the economic performance and management that they evaluate negatively,” Schemel said.

He continued, “[They] use the opposition to punish [the Maduro administration], and push for solutions.”  

Published on Jul 14th 2017 at 10.50am