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Russia, Caribbean Say No International Intervention in Venezuela

Puebla, Mexico, July 7, 2017 ( – Russia and a number of Caribbean nations called this week for political dialogue in Venezuela, and argued against international intervention.

On Wednesday, Moscow vowed to oppose any attempts at “external intervention” in Venezuela, and stated dialogue between the Maduro administration and the opposition is the only way to resolve the country’s current political crisis.

“Russia stands for the re-establishment of internal dialogue and for serious and responsible negotiations aimed at seeking compromise and ensuring peace in the country," said Alexander Schetinin, the head of the Russian foreign ministry’s Latin America department.

Two days later, Caribbean nations concluded a regional summit by issuing a statement in support of dialogue in Venezuela. From the island nation of Grenada, the 38th Caricom Summit warned the current crisis in Venezuela undermines regional interests.

“Regional leaders will continue to call for all parties to engage in renewed dialogue and negotiations leading to a comprehensive political agreement, with established timetables, concrete actions and guarantees to ensure their implementation,” the Caricom statement read.

Venezuela has been gripped by a political crisis for three months, with opposition groups waging a campaign of protests and widespread violence aimed at toppling President Nicolas Maduro.

Around 100 people have died amid the unrest, including protesters, security forces and bystanders.

Published on Jul 7th 2017 at 1.29pm