Leader in Worker Controlled Company Killed in Venezuela

Rexol Acevedo, 32, was allegedly shot by opposition protesters. 


Caracas, May 8, 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – A respected labour activist at the nationalized worker-controlled factory Industrias Diana has been reportedly shot and killed by opposition protesters in Carabobo, Venezuela.

Rexol Acevedo, 32, was a leading voice of the workers’ control movement at the company, which produces products such as oil and margarine. He also served as the president of the ALBA-MERCOSUR Workers’ Commission. 

According to press reports, Acevedo was driving to visit family members on May 2 when he came into contact with an opposition roadblock. The activist was subsequently shot dead when he resisted demonstrators’ alleged attempts to steal his car. 

His body was found dumped on a nearby freeway next to his scorched car.  

“Murdered by the irrationality of fascists our friend and worker comrade from Industrias Diana Rexol Acevedo. Honour and Glory. We will keep struggling,” tweeted Juan Barreto, the national spokesperson for the REDES leftist political party. 

The murder of Acevedo comes as the country enters its sixth week of violent anti-government protests that have claimed 42 lives to date. Among the victims are fifteen people killed by opposition violence and five confirmed dead at the hands of authorities. 

On May 4, Chavista student leader and Anzoategui Student Federation President Juan Lopez, 28, was gunned down during a student assembly in what appears to be a politically-motivated and targeted killing. According to eye witness reports, Lopez was approched by a participant in the assembly who opened fire on the student leader before fleeing on a motorbike. Another student was killed and another two injured in the incident.

Two Chavista leaders were also assassinated at the end of April