Venezuelan Women March for Revolution, Against Opposition Violence

Hundreds of women rallied in Caracas Thursday, demanding an end to violent opposition protests.

Puebla, Mexico, April 27, 2017 ( – Hundreds of women rallied in Caracas Thursday, demanding an end to violent opposition protests.

The rally was supported by dozens of women’s groups from across the country, after being called by the Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Blanca Eekhout.

“Sisters, let’s go together to fill the streets with love in the defence of life,” Eekhout said ahead of the march.

She added, “We will overcome!”

Speaking to AVN, rally goer Mirian Lopez said she hoped to send a message to the country’s opposition: end the violence.

“We Chavista women, we love our country, we meet here to reaffirm our commitment to the revolution and in defence of the peace of our people, and we strongly reject the violence generated in recent days by violent right-wing groups,” she said.

Violent demonstrations and riots have left at least 32 people dead nationwide in the past month, according to data compiled by Nine of the deaths are believed to have been caused by violent anti-government groups, five have been attributed to the actions of state security forces, while the rest were accidents or took place under unclear circumstances.

The unrest began after a controversial, now overturned Supreme Court decision, which the country’s opposition labelled a power grab by leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro’s government has hit back by accusing the opposition of working to destabilise Venezuela.

At Thursday’s rally, Ingrid Espinoza from the women’s union Unamujer condemned the recent spate of violence, and urged for national unity.

“The message that we send to all the people of Venezuela today is the call to peace, coexistence and unification of all the people and reject all those who want to harm our country,” she said.

Another organisation represented at the march was the Fundacion Mision Mujer Hipolita, a government sponsored body that aids the homeless. An organiser from the mission, Yolimar Leal, told teleSUR she supported Maduro because he represents the socialist revolution started under his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. Leal argued the revolution has empowered Venezuelan women, and transformed old gender norms.

“Women do not only give birth to leaders. We are the leaders,” she said.

Leal continued, “We have always been part of the revolution for freedom, and we will continue to be.”