Venezuelan Far Right Hackers Release Public Workers’ Details, Urges Followers to “Seek Them Out”

A group of far right hackers leaked the personal details of thousands of public workers Wednesday evening, just days after two local government workers were assassinated by sniper fire in Merida.


Caracas, April 27th 2017 ( – A group of far right hackers known as the HDP (Sons of Bitches) leaked the personal details of thousands of Venezuelan public workers Wednesday evening, amidst a spate of deadly attacks against Chavistas.

Released through the Twitter accounts PingüinoHDP and YoSoyJustin, the leaks included the names, surnames, identity numbers and time in service for employees at the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, the Bolivarian National Police Force, the special investigative police body the CICPC, the SEBIN intelligence services, the state telecomms commission CONATEL, the Foreign Relations Ministry, and the Ministry of Communications, MINCI.  

YoSoyJustin released the information via links in seven different tweets and urged his 14,800 followers to “go and look for them”.

“When you are suspicious in your university of students and classmates with weird behavior, look for them in the lists,” the hacker said in one tweet.

“If you have neighbors who are POLICE INFORMERS, they might be in the SEBIN’s lists, search for them there,” he said in another. 

In other tweets, YoSoyJustin also published photos identifying the children of high ranking members of the Bolivarian armed forces.

A state worker from MINCI who was included in the leak confirmed to Venezuelanalysis that the details released by the hackers were accurate. The worker cannot be named due to safety concerns.

The documents have since been removed from their original host, though it is feared that the data could already be widely disseminated among violent anti-government groups.

The leak could have compromised the safety of government workers at a time when attacks against Chavistas are increasing. 

It comes just days after two local government workers were shot dead and several others injured by opposition sniper fire in Merida. A grassroots leader belonging to the United Socialist Party of Venezuela was also shot dead at her home last weekend, while a pro-government trade union leader was kidnapped and killed the same day. 

At least nine people have died at the hands of anti-government protesters since the beginning April, when opposition leaders called their followers onto the streets to protest a “rupture” in the country’s constitutional order. Five opposition protesters have also been killed by security personnel.