Two Venezuelan Police Officers Indicted for Killing of Opposition Protester

Officers Marcos Ojeda (47) and Edwin Romero (33) were charged by the Public Prosecution Monday.


Caracas, April 18, 2017 ( – Venezuela’s Public Prosecution has indicted two police officers for the killing of opposition protester Daniel Queliz (20) during a demonstration in Carabobo state on April 10.

Officer Marcos Ojeda (47) was charged with premeditated murder, while fellow officer Edwin Romero (33) was indicted with accessory to murder. Both state police officials will also be prosecuted for the inappropriate use of their firearms. 

Queliz was shot in the neck as he participated in an opposition protest against the government outside Los Parques apartment blocks in Valencia, Carabobo state. He was later taken to a hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.  

The opposition has been holding anti-government demonstrations since the beginning of the month, leading to violent protests in some areas of the country from April 4 onwards. The unrest has seen opposition demonstrators block roads, destroy public property and clash with state security forces.  

At least six people have lost their lives in the violence so far, including two bystanders at the hands of opposition militants. Meanwhile three police officers have been indicted so far for killings at protests, including Queliz. Investigations into the other two deaths are ongoing.