Danny Glover Expresses Solidarity with Venezuela on Behalf of African Descendants

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez met with US actor and activist Danny Glover as well as scholar James Early after an international summit this week where they expressed their solidarity with the South American nation.


Los Angeles, March 7th 2017 (venezuelanalysis.com) – Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez met with US actor and international solidarity activist Danny Glover as well as scholar James Early on Tuesday after the international summit for the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity in Caracas. Glover has visited Venezuela several times in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and against US intervention.

“Today we are here to support relations that will promote our objectives to transform our countries. I am an ambassador for Black people [in the United States]. As the decade for Afro-descendants, this is a very important moment for us to pay attention to your struggles [in Venezuela],” he expressed at a press conference held at the Foreign Relations Yellow House in Caracas after the meeting. Additionally, he emphasized that now “is a moment of great challenges for Venezuela.”

In recent years, Glover has visited Afro-Venezuelan communities such as Barlovento, along the Venezuelan Caribbean coastline, to network with social movements and local leaders.

“We have millions of Afro-descendents in this region [the Americas] and we’re here to discuss and debate these issues as well as in defense of Venezuela and its right to move and create its relationship with its citizens. It’s important for Venezuelan citizens and government officials to come together and find solutions,” Glover stated.

Minister Rodríguez, for her part, stressed that Glover is a “friend of just causes and humanity” and indicated that the three discussed the dangerous situation that “white supremacy” poses internationally.

“Important announcements have been brought by our great friends of the Afro-descendant community and [these announcements] will be shared by the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro on how we will work together [to combat] the calls to intolerance and hatred that we are experiencing in these moments,” Rodríguez stated.

The summit is part of the country’s month long activities in commemoration of former President Hugo Chávez on the fourth anniversary of his death on March 5. Approximately 90 people including philosophers, journalists, writers, artists and others are participating in this summit.