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Venezuela Condemns Meeting Between Opposition Leader & Brazilian FM

Puebla, Mexico, February 10, 2017 ( – Venezuela condemned Thursday Brazil’s foreign minister Jose Serra for meeting with right wing leader Julio Borges.

Borges is head of Venezuela’s opposition controlled National Assembly, and a hardline right wing critic of President Nicolas Maduro’s government. This week, Borges met with a number of high ranking Brazilian officials in Brasilia, including Serra. The two discussed Venezuela’s “difficult situation,” according to EFE.

Venezuelan foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez responded by condemning the meeting, accusing Brazil’s right wing government of seeking to conspire with the Venezuelan opposition.

“The corrupt, coup plotting and criminal right wing is forming into an international cartel against the peoples of our America in favour of imperial powers,” she tweeted.

She has also accused Borges of being a “usurper of the functions” of Venezuelan diplomatic officials, and being “implicated in crimes against (Venezuela’s) constitutional order”.

Brazil was once a close ally of Venezuela, but in August 2016 the country’s legislators impeached leftist president Dilma Rousseff. While supporters of the impeachment accused Rousseff of misconduct, many of her supporters said she was the victim of a right wing coup.

Rousseff was replaced by the current Brazilian president, Michel Temer.

Temer is a vehement opponent of Venezuela’s government.

In 2016, Temer’s government spearheaded efforts to suspend Venezuela from the regional trade bloc Mercosur.

Published on Feb 10th 2017 at 12.45pm