Venezuela Set to Export Fishing and Aquaculture Products to El Salvador

Venezuela and El Salvador signed bilateral cooperation agreements this week in Caracas.


Los Angeles, February 8th 2017 ( – Venezuela and El Salvador signed bilateral cooperation agreements this week in Caracas. Venezuelan Minister of Fishing and Aquaculture Ángel Belisario and Salvadoran Deputy Minister of Economy Luz Estrella Rodríguez celebrated the agreements which will result in Venezuela exporting fishing and aquaculture products to the Central American nation later this year.

Venezuelan exports to El Salvador are meant to “boost the Venezuelan economy and build a new productive economic model,” the Bolivarian government declared in a statement.

Venezuelan Deputy Minister of Fishing and Aquaculture Distribution Leonardo Páez stressed that the South American nation will export a diverse array of products including tilapia and shrimp, among products.

“Venezuela is set to export fishing products to El Salvador, initiating an international trade experience that opens the way to conquest other foreign markets and trading partners like the European Union and the People’s Republic of China,” continued the official statement.

Páez also emphasized that Venezuela will soon open a new productive sector of the nation’s economy. 

Salvador’s Rodríguez added that during meetings both parties have stressed “complementary [exchange] between the two peoples [emphasizing] productivity, trade, exports and productive development.”

“There are already missions and technical meetings taking place, which will soon be joined by businessmen linked to this sector in both countries so that we can carry out economic efforts in a win-win relationship,” said the Salvadoran official.

Belisario added that the two nations have also committed to scientific and technology exchanges in addition to the commercial agreement.

“There is an agenda already planned with the Ministry of Trade and International Investment. February will be a month of intense work so we can determine these actions with technical working tables, dates, objectives, goals and quantifiable [information] so we have clarity regarding the efforts that we must advance,” Belisario detailed.

Cooperation between Venezuela and El Salvador in regards to marine products began in 1984. This latest cooperation agreement includes fishery and aquaculture products for the first time.