Venezuela Opens Registration for Social Missions Card

The new identity card is intended to streamline access to social programs among the country’s most vulnerable sectors.


Caracas, January 23, 2017 ( – The Venezuelan government began the registration process for the new “Homeland Card” this past Friday, which is intended to streamline access to social programs among the country’s most vulnerable sectors.

According to President Nicolas Maduro, the new identity card will “make all of the social protection programs more efficient for the resolution of the problems and necessities of the people”.

All Venezuelan citizens over the age of 15 are being called to register in Plaza Bolivars across the country in order to receive the electronic card, which will operate with 4G technology at a velocity of 65 megabytes per second.

The Homeland Card is also equipped with state of the art QR coding, which will prevent counterfeiting and allow digital access to key census information, including participation in social programs, social movements and political parties.

As part of the registration process, all Venezuelans are obligated to complete a census designed to measure the current coverage of state social programs with the aim of improving access.  

76 percent of those surveyed so far have reported benefiting from the government’s Food Mission, which includes the Local Provision and Production Committees (CLAPs) as well as other state food distribution networks. 

Meanwhile, 65 percent indicated that they have been attended by the Barrio Adentro Mission of neighborhood clinics staffed by primary care physicians across the country. 

The registration process will continue through to February 5th.