Director of Venezuelan State Chemical Company Arrested

Pequiven President Juan Carlos de Pablos was dismissed from his post and subsequently arrested on corruption charges. 


Caracas, Monday 11, 2017 ( – The president of Venezuelan state chemical company Pequiven has been dismissed from his post and arrested on corruption charges, confirmed newly appointed Vice-President Tareck El Aissami on Tuesday from a rally in Cojedes state. 

According to the VP, Pequiven President Juan Carlos de Pablos was detained earlier that day on presidential orders after “irregularities” and “serious acts of corruption” were reported in the company’s production and supply chain. 

El Aissami went on to state that the revolution would work to rid state businesses and the public sector of corruption in the upcoming year.   

“We are going to purge all the public institutions which should be at the service of the people,” said the VP. 

“If we have to restructure (state) companies, then we will. We will decapitate the mafias in all the managerial boards,” he continued. 

Pequiven is a state company ascribed to the Ministry for Oil and Mining, which produces materials such as plastic and fertilisers.  

Army Major Rubén Ávila Ávila has since been designated as the company’s new head by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.