Bolivarian Government Issues Arrest Warrant for Opposition Leader

The Venezuelan government issued an arrest warrant this week against Lester Toledo for allegedly “financing terrorism” ahead of September 1st opposition marches.


Los Angeles, California September 1st 2016 ( – Minister of Domestic Affairs, Justice and Peace, General Néstor Reverol confirmed Wednesday that the government has issued an arrest warrant for opposition leader Lester Toledo of the Popular Will Party (VP) in Zulia state for allegedly “financing terrorism”. This comes after President Nicolás Maduro also said on Tuesday that he will consider stripping all Venezuelan politicians of immunity in order to permit court prosecutions for suspected coup-plotters, reports teleSUR.

Reverol informed that authorities revised materials previously in the possession of former San Cristóbal mayor Daniel Ceballos that suggest violent plans were underway for opposition marches on September 1st. Toledo is allegedly linked to these plans as well.

Minister Reverol confirmed that Carlos Melo, opposition leader with Progressive Advance (AP), was also arrested in Caracas this week. His telephone, a detonator, and a belt with explosive materials were seized as well. Additionally, youth opposition leader Yon Goiocoechea was arrested after authorities were said to have found explosives in his possession on August 29th.

Venezuelan authorities will continue with the national security plan implemented ahead of threats of violence for Thursday’s opposition demonstrations through Monday September 4th.